Bar On


A family owned resort complex in the Galilee, that specializes in internal-tourism for family and group vacations. This resort Strives for (& achieves) international standards in hospitality. It’s at the core of their being & our design needed to reflect that.


Creating a space that would transmit the feeling of being abroad, the easy-going simplicity of being on vacation & that would be easy to maintain.


Inspired by nordic wood cabins, we chose to use Birch-wood almost exclusively. By doing so we were able to create an all encompassing environment, that is light in character and enhances the feeling of being near nature. Paired with sparse furniture, minimalist lighting and pastel colors, we achieved a clean, elegant, and calming vacation get-away. A feeling of being abroad, right around the corner.

We are proud to say, that following its renewed design - this resort was chosen as part of “Marriott” hotel’s BonVoy properties.

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