Aya Lahmi


A global organizational consulting firm that specializes in rising start-ups, whose values are:
A commitment to process, daringness, partnership, and creativity. The fact that this 40-person firm is all female firm, makes this brand unique


Creating highly diverse & naturally lit spaces, to house everything from intimate one-on-ones to industry lectures, & daily communal work spaces for the employees and visiting clients, that would speak the brand values and its female-led character


The design was envisioned as a highlight of the process: A Zen entry space creates a mental pause. At its edge, an abundance of textures and work settings that are comfortable and inviting are unveiled.

The challenge of filtering in light through a single naturally lit façade became part of our design language. We created spaces that feel enclosed, by artfully cutting-through walls, and semi-enclosing work rooms. Thus, creating different cross points and viewpoints throughout the space – & defining the dynamics of this office as publicly-private. The space is quietly daring and leaves tons of room for creativity to happen.

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