Pleasure to meet you, I’m Danna & I lead this studio.

I hold a Master of Science in Interior Design from Pratt Institute -NYC, and have a decade of experience in space planning and design of: Homes, offices, commercial spaces, & exhibitions.
My life story winds through Boston, Arizona, New-York, Miami, Barcelona and now the heart of Tel-Aviv.
I have a former academic background in Communication and International relations from Boston University and have spent 15 years teaching Pilates as my way of studying movement and connecting to the present moment..

I see design as a form of story-telling:

A well researched translation of values and functional needs that are peppered with the personal taste and cultural background of my client. The outcome forms the interior design language that is then worked-in to fit the existing architectural envelope.
Each area of interior design requires a different kind of research; sometimes it’s about discovering a personality, sometimes a company culture, and other times about presenting artifacts in a meaningful way. This bit about research… is what makes all the difference between generic and spot-on. And it’s a big part of my approach to the field.

About me in your home:

Home design largely entails caring about someone’s well-being. Which means discovering what comfort means to you as my client: From sensitivity to light levels to messy or ultra-organized personalities, working habits, sleeping habits and TV watching preferences. But also who you envision yourself to be, and what cultural elements you hold dear.

I find designing homes to be a wonderful opportunity for an intimate human encounter, it's truly fascinating.

About me in your place of business:

Business design is more about branding. It means taking the values and vision of a brand and highlighting those in a given space. In these projects the stories are more layered. Work flows, movement flows and accommodating many functions. All these elements have to come together seamlessly. – while making it “look easy”.
I love designing places of business because there is room for fantasy, for big moves and strategic thinking about making employees feel great and making clients wanna’ come for more.

About me designing public spaces & exhibitions:

In some ways it's the most academic form of design. Sometimes it's a microscopic study of how to display a group of artifacts from a particular angle, its editing, refining and designing objects as much as spaces. Other times it's thinking in very broad stokes about how masses of people move, what they experience in a brief moment and how to relate more to the architectural envelope than to any one given personality or set of values.

I love the level of study these projects entail, the large scale productions they bring along, & It’s lovely to know that I can positively impact a large number of people.

About me teaching:

Teaching is all about helping my students develop a dream into a solid vision – and then translating that vision to create a space. I feel fortunate to work with students who bring smart, fresh ideas, to the table. They help me remain current & curious about design.
The quest for a good story is what I bring to the table. I teach my students to be specific. To research A LOT, as part of their process. This is just as true in my studio classes as it is in real-world projects I’ve led.

I find that helping define a vision and directing a student or team to the finish line is where I’m strongest.